skeleton in my closet

skeleton in my closet
people refuse to i let them read.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

im not a good friend..
ask yanie how bad i am in making friends..
kawan2 aku?
roomates..dan classmates..
ask nad betapa mlut aku kasar..
ask eton betapa kadang2 aku terlupa menjaga hati dan perasaan pihak lain..
sedangkan niat aku hanya berjenaka..
and ask mimi how bad i am in expressing my love towards my friends..
mimi..sory..selalu sgt aku tk bagi respond when u said that u love me..
ntahla..sometimes its hard for me to confess..but deeply,i love you ;p
today..i hurts someone..
i didnt mean to do that..
im mistake..
you said that u just have him..
but i hope you are just forget about something..
you have me..
you have us..

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