skeleton in my closet

skeleton in my closet
people refuse to i let them read.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

setelah seminggu lebih (malas nak kira accurate days) im at home..apa je yg aku buat?
except for complaining how boring this semester break.
then i realise something.
i should be more thankful because uitm giving me this long semester break!

reasons why i should say Alhamdulillah for having this long semester break
1.I AM AT HOME!-duuh..remember!There's no such place like home..

2.i can save more money-think!if im at penang..i have to spend for my food.kat rumah mkn free.dan byk..dan sedaap ;p. not have to worry for electricity bills-weh..kalau kat rumah sewa..bayarnya bersama..sangat tak adil if im using my lappy 24/7 then my housemates yang tak ada lappy kena rumah..tak risau sangat..bills bukan aku yang,on sekarang!

4.this part is intresting.mingle around with everybody is good.but sometimes not every person that we met,bole masuk satu kepala gurau senda kasar without terasa..and not everybody punya attitude kita boleh tahan kan?think of one semester i've gone through with people yg macam2 kerenah.(no offense).yang i've to be patient with their perangai..yang kadang2 they didnt even think obout my you should be glad nora for 2 month facing people that you love for the rest of your life..( talking about family..duuh~)

5.boleh buat aktiviti favourite..zzZZzzzZZZ~TIDUR!-okay nora..think of dah berapa lama kau dah tak tidur properly?ingat tak study week+exam week yang mata kau terbukak lagi lama dari tempoh masa kau tertutup?ingat tak berapa botol livita kau telan just to make sure your eyes keep open gara2 tak habis study dan menelaah lec notes?so..this is the time for you to redeem and for you to have your beauty sleep dear..

6.rehatkan otak!-for one semester,hari2 otak kau bekerja kan nora?hari2 ada teori baru nak kena hafal....debit bank credit cash..bla..bla..practicing sustainable tourism-practice tourism while keep the environtment clean and safe..bla..bla..fullfill every customer needs will lead to customer satisfaction and can avoid customer defection..bla..bla..okay stop!dulu merungut sangat kan penat la apa la?so skarang otak kau kosong nora..tak perlu nak pening2 lagi dah okay?

okay..setakat ni i already have 6 concrete reason on why i should be more thankful to have this semester nora,what you waiting for(miss nina is singing~)?stop complaining and enjoy your holiday dear!

p/s:nanti kalau i've found more reason,i'll update kay?

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