skeleton in my closet

skeleton in my closet
people refuse to i let them read.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

so yeah.

its 2014 and i am so frustrated that most of my favourite blog don't have any new post anymore..well hellooo you guys still have readers okay?

then it comes to my mind that me myself is soo malas and already stop updating my own blog,no wonder others too kan? i even think of deleting my blog! but then there are too much memories that i wrote here and most of the pictures i put in here i don't have it anymore so looks like my blog is going to stay hee

so yeahh. here i am with new semangat to get back to blogging. even though i know i might the only one that read but naahh i don't care. i just want to write. hopefully after this entry there will be more.

*secretely wish my friends already forgot my blog anddddd my new classmates wont discover this blog!*

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