skeleton in my closet

skeleton in my closet
people refuse to i let them read.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


so..yesterday i had lunch at the usual place and as usual i will be the first one to finish while waiting for my friends to finish, i look around and usha everyone that had their lunch there. andd suddenly i stumble upon this one man *eheheeheee* doing his work writing something in his notebook/file/whatever i don't know what it is called but i know it is work related. he was so focused and he look so macho and cute! *insertgatalgirlhere*. he also kidal and suddenly i found that kidal man is attractive!hahaha. and i was curi-curi usha hoping he didnt realise.

ok thats it.nak bagitahu tu je hahaha till next entry!

*nope he is not my new crush i didnt even remember his face today kahkah*

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