skeleton in my closet

skeleton in my closet
people refuse to i let them read.

Monday, September 19, 2011


well hello there!welcome back to school for degree students which have been in honeymoon for about 4 month!untunglaa cuti panjanggg.and for uitm students,well our journey have come to the end.this week we will be facing our final semester examination.and for me,it will my last sem at uitm penang :(

well i'm really hoping to be listed as dean's list student.tapi harapan tu macam dah punah berkecai bila aku fikir2 balik subject law yang susah nak mati tu. *sigh* takpelah.i'll be stdying hard for all my papers and then redha and tawakal je la.hukhuk.

my paper will start this wednesday.tapi macam biasalah.selagai tak last minute selagi tu aku tak study betul2.hihi.taka da thrill la study awal2 kan? *alasan*

dan tadi alia pengaruh aku beli benda ni.well she's really good in persuading me to buy something.and me.sangat senang terpengaruh =.= takpe lah.nanti kita tengok sejauh mana sticky notes yang clourful dan berbeza bentuk ni akan membantu aku.

and lastly,good luck yeah untuk final exam?do well and selamat berjaya! ;p

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